The attention of the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Dr. Solomon Arase, CFR, retired Inspector General of Police has been drawn to reports in an online publication on the ongoing reorganisation in the Nigeria Police Force which involved transfer of certain categories of Officers from some states of the federation.
The publication gave the impression that the PSC Chairman was responsible for the transfers that affected Officers from his state of Edo. According to the report ” the Inspector General of Police and the PSC Chairman…collected money from Obaseki, the Edo state Governor to transfer us out of the Command” adding that ” the PSC Chairman did the same Transfer when he was the Inspector General of Police and it was stopped by the former PDP Chairman, late Chief Anthony Anenih of blessed memory”
The publication went as low as alleging that “Arase is the only Police IGP who dismissed Police Men from his own village and when the elders called him, he told them that it is a national issue and not community issue”
The Commission is however happy that the Police Management has sufficiently addressed the issues raised in the publication and that the transfers were routine reorganisation in the Force which involved the transfer of Officers who have served for a long period of time in a particular state which it also noted is “a crucial aspect of maintaining effectiveness and professionalism “.
The Police Management also mentioned the states currently undergoing the reorganisation and which included, Edo, Delta, Rivers, Akwa Ibom. According to the Police, these states and some others have been earmarked for this first phase of reorganisation to enhance efficiency and accountability and that this exercise is a tradition and sacrosanct “.
Dr. Arase however insists that he has no apology for his known tradition to stand for a Police Force that is committed to nation building through the protection of lives and properties, maintenance of the rule of law and freeing the nation of the menace of cultists, bandits and other marauding deviants across the country.
Dr. Arase says that he can not be diminished to operate as a provincial Nigerian who thinks first of himself or his kindred before national interest.
The allegation that he was the only Police IGP who dismissed Policemen from his own village, he noted was ridiculous and infantile, insisting that he will always fight crime and criminality anywhere it raises it’s head whether it is in his village or somewherelse.
The PSC Chairman confirmed that he wrote the Governor of his state and copied the Inspector General of Police last December on the deteriorating state of affairs in Edo state particularly the recent surge in cult related violence and demanded urgent and decisive action. He said in the letter that the situation was further worsened by the failure of the Judiciary to successfully prosecute these cases and which has allowed these criminals to roam freely, perpetuating violence and instilling fear among the people.
As the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Arase said that he amputated cult dons and charged them to court, although and unfortunately the powers that be released these outlaws upon his retirement. The records he noted are still with the Edo state Judiciary.
Since the gang war commenced in the state in November last year, he disclosed that close to 30 persons have been killed.
Dr. Arase declared that he had zero tolerance for violent crimes when he served the nation as the 18th Inspector General of Police and had successfully dominated the security space with intelligence policing. He pledged to continue to contribute to the restoration of peace and safety in Nigeria.


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