Mathias Uyo - Uyo



  • Ensuring that all Departments/Units deliver services in an efficient, prompt, honest and transparent manner to all Customers/Stakeholders of the Commission;
  • Ensuring and instituting Complaint Procedure including Grievance Redress Mechanism for the Police Service Commission;
  • Ensuring the promotion of quality assurance and best practice in the Commission’s performance of its functions;
  • Managing the Commission’s Customer Relations Policy including providing opportunities for customer feedback on service;
  • Disseminating best practices and other tips on service delivery improvement;
  • Provide a comprehensive and effective training policy for front line staff on Customer Relations and related matters;
  • Sensitization of the Commission’s staff on service delivery;
  • Receiving complaints/report from Customers/Stakeholders of the Commission on the conduct of Police Personnel and the Commission’s staff;
  • Establishing and monitoring of SERIVCOM Units at the Zonal Offices of the Commission which is still awaiting approval by the Permanent Secretary;
  • Establishment of a service reception area to enhance the implementation of the service delivery which is still awaiting approval from the Permanent Secretary;
  • Serving as a link between the Commission and SERVICOM office;
  • Facilitating a safe and conducive working environment for staff at levels of service delivery; and,
  • Serving as the Secretariat of the Commission’s Service Delivery Committee.