Mr. Wuyep Ponfa Audu


The Department is structured into two [2] Division;

  1. Pending Disciplinary Matters
  2. Appeals/ Petitions and Public Complaints


  • Making proposals and/or inputs in formulating policies that would improve discipline and efficiency in the NPF;
  • Implementing Commission’s policies on discipline in the NPF;
  • Serving as Secretariat to the Standing Committee on Pending Disciplinary Matters;
  • Referring cases with high criminal contents or police operational peculiarities to the IGP for comments and/or investigations;
  • Reviewing disciplinary decisions made by the Police Authorities on Senior Police Officers forwarded from the Force Headquarters to the Commission for determination;
  • Drafting briefs for Standing Committees on Pending Disciplinary Matters [PDM] and Appeals, Petitions and Legal Matters;
  • Drafting briefs for the Commission’s Plenary Meetings on PDMs and Appeals/Petitions;
  • Conveying Commission’s decisions on sanctions awarded for infractions committed by Senior Police Officers to the IGP for implementation;
  • Conveying Commission’s decisions on rejected Appeals/Petitions to the Appellants/Petitioners;
  • Documenting and keeping both file and electronic records of all letters and memoranda forwarded to the Department from the Honourable Chairman, the Permanent Secretary and other Departments/Units of the Commission;
  • Liaising with the Police Liaison Desk for more information on Appellants/Petitioners as may be needed;
  • Preparing Quarterly and Annual Reports of the Department;
  • Preparing the Department’s Annual Budget; and 
  • Performing any other duties as may be assigned to the Department.