Mr. Saagwe Brighten Friday


The Department is structured into three [2] Divisions as follows:

  1. Planning and Research
  2. ICT/Statistics


The functions of the Department include the following:

  • Preparation of plans programmes and projects;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Plan implementation;
  • Coordinates the Physical Inspection of Projects;
  • Coordinates the Annual Monitoring of Projects;
  • Prepares Annual Reports of the Commission;
  • Collection, collation, analysis and interpretation of data and statistics relating to the Commission and to the Nigeria Police Force [NPF];
  • Generates statistical data from time to time;
  • Responsible for the dissemination of all statistical information for use in the Commission;
  • Liaises and cooperates with all the Departments on issues relating to data collection, analysis, storage and dissemination and evaluation;
  • Integrates data of diverse nature cutting across all Departments of the Commission and the NPF;  
  • Serves as Data Bank for all statistical information;
  • Maintains accurate and timely statistical information on the Commission and NPF;
  • Designing of formats/templates for use by the Commission and all other Departments;
  • Analyzing the output of all the operational Departments;
  • Collection of police manpower records and other statistical data for analysis;
  • Provision of analyzed data to all the operational Departments in relation to their functions;
  • Maintenance and management of the Commission’s ICT equipment and resources [computer and its accessories, database, network- internet and intranet facilities and liaising with Internet Service Providers [ISP], etc;
  • Developing and maintenance of website by providing effective administration of the Commission’s website through content development and periodic updating;
  • Liaising with relevant bodies outside the Commission on ICT related operations;
  • Liaising with the National Planning Commission [NPC], National Bureau of Statistics [NBS] on project Monitoring;
  • Liaising with DFID, UNDP, EU, ECOWAS, African Union and Non- Governmental Organizations etc, in respect of aid and assistance for programmes and activities of the Commission;
  • Provision of ICT related solutions to improve service delivery in relation to the Commission’s functions;
  • Undertaking feasibility study of the existing mode of ICT operations in all Departments and Units of the Commission;
  • Recommending the hardware and software requirement for each Department/Unit in the Commission;
  • Coordinating the ICT infrastructure acquisition, installation and backup services in the Commission;
  • Coordinating and supervising of ICT programmes and projects of the Commission;
  • Designing, recommending and coordinating relevant ICT training for the staff of the Commission;
  • Ensuring that the Commission’s activities are essentially IT driven;
  • Administering, maintaining, upgrading and expanding the existing IT network facilities to the expanding needs of the Commission;
  • Providing standards and specifications as well as leadership in the acquisition and implementation of ICT systems for the automation of the Commission’s operations;
  • Making recommendations for Outsourcing of ICT specialized requirements of the Commission;
  • Establishing, operating and maintaining standard ICT Resource Centre and Databank for the Commission and NPF; and
  • Performing such other duties as may be assigned to the Department.