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The core function of the department is:

'Preparation of Budget, Receipt and Disbursement of Funds as stipulated in the financial regulation’.

                                SCHEDULE OF DUTIES

  Finance and Accounts Department plays a very crucial role in the corporate life of the Commission as the custodian of its financial resources and as such performs among other things, the following broad based functions;

  • Ensure the preparation of financial budget of the Commission.
  • Matching Vote against available funds.
  • Monitoring of Budget Performance and Releases.
  • Processing Payments as approved by the Accounting Officer.
  • Proper maintenance of books of Accounts For Example Capital and Overhead Cash book.
  • Preparation of both Capital and overhead Payment voucher.
  • Implementing Salary Variation on yearly basis.
  • Preparing Transcript to the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.
  • Any other assignment that may be assigned to the department by the Permanent Secretary.



In order to effectively perform its function the department is divided into Ten (10) units as stated below:

  1. Checking Unit: The Unit ensures that due diligence is exercised and followed in the Preparation of vouchers, Postings to relevant books of accounts and full compliance with financial regulation and extant circulars in all ramifications.
  2. Accounts Administration and Advances Section:

Accounts Administration is responsible for all correspondence to and from Finance and Accounts Department, preparation and maintenance of staff leave roaster, and internal deployment of Accounts Staff.

Advances Unit is charged with raising advance Payment vouchers, Posting into advance ledger and maintenance of Advance register, as well as handling of retirement of Advances.

  1. IPPIS unit: This unit handles Salary related matters and relate with IPPIS office in the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation. It also follows up on remittances of Payroll deductions to appropriate authorities.
  2. Funds Unit: This unit is responsible for the receipt of monthly allocations. The process of payment starts with this unit, it prepares AIE, vote approved request accordingly and availability of funds, it also generates financial reports as requested by management.
  3. Final Accounts Unit: The unit prepares monthly transcripts that shows the entire expenditure and revenue profile for the month and sends to the office of Accountant General of the Federation.
  4. Other Charges Unit: This unit is responsible for the Preparation of Payment vouchers for capital and overhead as the case may be, and also the custodian of vote books accordingly.
  5. Central Pay Office Unit: It is saddled with the responsibility of making Payment from Payment Vouchers as verified internal Audit. The unit also maintains Cash Books for both Capital and Overhead Heads.
  6. Audit Query Unit: This unit has responsibility of attending to and ensuring prompt response to Audit Query from the office of Auditor General of the Federation (A.G.F.) and the Public Accounts Committee of both the Senate and House of Representatives.
  7. Tax and Revenue Unit: The unit handles revenue generated by the Commission, and it also ensures that monies generated are remitted to the Consolidated Revenue Accounts of the Federation. The Section also relates with Federal Inland Revenue Services for tax remittances and certificates.
  8. Budget Section: This Section has the responsibility of preparing financial estimate (budget) on behalf of the Commission.